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Summer’s coming to a close…

on August 12, 2012

Well ya’ll, as summer starts to wind down and all the craziness of back to school begins, I am ready for the fall. I love all the smells and flavors of fall and I have tons of new recipes to test out. But before I do all that, I need to clear out the pantry and organize. I am horrible when it comes to organizing, meaning I am so PICKY…I can’t stand it when things are moved around and then I can’t find anything, so I am working in the kitchen this week to get everything just the way I want and need it to be. To start out with today, I just finished chopping all my onions and freezing in baggies to have for soups. I also cut up all my garlic cloves and froze them as well. It is much cheaper to buy in bulk bags, but sometimes I just can’t use them all without them going bad on me, so I decided to freeze the ones I had and then I will buy some more fresh ones this week. Now my next project is to go thru all my spices, herbs, and oils and see what is outdated. I hate knowing that perfectly good spices and oils have to be thrown out if they are outdated, so wasteful. So I am going to try and start making as much as I can with them and try to use them all up. Until next time…Have a happy day. :):)


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